Naturopathy treats the body as a whole, addressing the root cause of problems rather than focusing on temporary relief of symptoms. We engage your body’s inner healing mechanisms to restore balance and reverse disease states instead of merely suppressing symptoms through pharmaceutical drugs.

Modern naturopathy uses a wide range of substances and techniques to assist the body to return to its natural balance. Treatments such as herbal medicine, nutrition and lifestyle modifications, mineral therapy, amino acids, vitamins, homeopathy and a range of other methods help to balance the body and stimulate change.

Natural medicine dates back thousands of years. The first recorded medicinal text was found in the Middle East on a Sumerian clay tablet detailing 15 prescriptions for various ailments using medicinal plants. Naturopathy has since evolved into a science through the influence of key figures such as Hippocrates, Nicholas Culpeper, Sebastian Kneipp and Benedict Lust.

Today, Naturopathy is taught at university and draws on evidence-based science. Naturopathy is governed by the Health Practitioner Regulation Law in Australia. Naturopaths are required to be members of governing bodies and must fulfil a number of professional development hours per year to retain their license, similar to medical doctors. Much of the initial anatomy, physiology and other training is also similar to that of medical doctors.


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