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Meet Jarrod Cooper - ND

Jarrod Cooper is a Naturopathic Doctor and operates from his clinic of Advanced Functional Medicine, offering in person consultations from their clinic in Palmyra and telehealth across the rest of Australia. Jarrod has a Bachelor of Science in Naturopathy and has completed extensive US based training in Functional Medicine. 

Diet and Lifestyle

Diet and lifestyle can maintain or disrupt your health. How you eat, sleep, think and move forms the basis of your overall wellbeing. To optimise nutrition you need to know where foods come from. Many manufactured products are detrimental to health...


Naturopathy treats the body as a whole, addressing the root cause of problems rather than focusing on temporary relief of symptoms. We engage your body’s inner healing mechanisms to restore balance and reverse disease states instead of merely suppressing symptoms through pharmaceutical drugs...


Homeopathy works on a deep level within your body, addressing the root cause of symptoms by stimulating the body’s vital force. If you are not responding to treatment, either pharmaceutical or natural, a homeopathic remedy may initiate your healing...

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine was used by ancient civilisations and is still widely used today. Modern herbal medicine takes its traditions from older times but uses herbs that have been vigorously clinically trialled and supported by scientific studies into their effectiveness for a wide variety of ailments...

Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic testing is sometimes needed before a specific treatment protocol is prescribed. You can ask your GP for basic blood tests at no charge. More specific blood tests may also be needed for particular conditions or disease states...

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