Herbal Medicine


Herbal medicine plays a key part in forming our treatment protocols in clinic.

Herbal medicine was used by ancient civilisations and is still widely used today. Modern herbal medicine takes its traditions from older times but uses herbs that have been vigorously clinically trialled and supported by scientific studies into their effectiveness for a wide variety of ailments.

Many of the pharmaceutical drugs on the market today are derived from plants. Often, a single constituent of the plant is isolated to enable a pharmaceutical company to patent it. In herbal medicine, we use whole plants, either individually or in combination, to allow plant constituents to work together. This provides a safer, more balanced and natural effect on the body.

Modern herbal medicine is available in many mediums, from potent tinctures to tablets and herbal teas. We can dispense customised herbal formulas to target a number of complaints and enable individual herbs to work together synergistically for an increased therapeutic effect.

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