Diet and Lifestyle


Diet and lifestyle can maintain or disrupt your health. How you eat, sleep, think and move forms the basis of your overall wellbeing. To optimiseĀ nutrition you need to know where foods come from. Many manufactured products are detrimental to health. Poorly farmed fresh and imported produce may also hide substances that disrupt your system. Coupled with environmental stress on your body, these substances can create a toxic load, particularly if you have a sluggish detoxification system. A balanced diet of nutrient-dense unrefined foods, grown cleanly is the basis of healthy nutrition.

Sleep hygiene is often overlooked by clients. Without adequate sleep, your body does not heal and repair, hormones are not effectively recycled, immune function decreases, insulin levels rise, detoxification is slowed and imbalances begin to occur. The correct number of hours of sleep and a good quality of sleep is essential for mind and body. The fast pace of life today and the rise in technology use makes it harder than ever to get the sleep we require.

Your thoughts are also a key part to your overall health. Many studies show that your mood and thoughts are heavily influenced by the state of your body. Mineral imbalances, thyroid disorders, a poor diet, gut microbiota imbalance and a range of other causes all influence your mood and thought patterns. Managing stress through enjoyment activities, mediation and exercise is also important.

Movement is an essential part of being human. Moving your body makes you feel good, moves stagnant energy and creates energy. Exercise pumps the lymph in your body, releases endorphins, and allows your body and skin to detoxify through sweat. You donā€™t have to pound the pavement or spent hours in a gym to get enough exercise. Playing with the kids, joining a sport club, walking along the beach, a yoga class or doing something else you enjoy can get exercise into your day without making a chore of it.

We will help you address these four key aspects of your lifestyle to bring about a well-balanced and sustainable improvement in your overall health.


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