Perth Naturopath Life Wellness Centre with our naturopaths in Perth and Fremantle, offer you a holistic natural medicine approach to health.

Discover the root causes of your health problems and rebalance your body using nutrition and lifestyle, herbal medicine, supplementation, nutrient therapy, homeopathy and other scientifically proven whole-of-body approaches to restoring your wellbeing.

Our experienced practitioners follow integrative and functional medicine methodologies to recommend measures specifically for you.


  • More Energy

  • Increased Motivation

  • Reduced stress and anxiety

  • Better sleep

  • Fewer Cravings

  • Sustainable weight-loss

  • Improved mood and clarity

  • Less Pain


Many people have variations, or single nucleotide polymorphisms (snps), in their genes. But simply having a particular polymorphism doesn’t mean it requires treating. Gene expression is much more important and is influenced by stress, environment, poor nutrition, viruses...

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Thyroid disorder is commonly underdiagnosed and is sharply on the rise. People can be suffering from many obscure symptoms of thyroid disorder yet their blood tests come back “within range”. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is an auto-immune disease where the body attacks the thyroid...

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Gut Health

As digestive disorders become increasingly common, we are starting to realise that “gut health”, the overall balance and diversity of the gut microbiome, is critical for disease prevention. Poor farming methods, use of pesticides, environmental toxins, processed food and stress...

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Adrenal Fatigue

Modern life is stressful. We become overstimulated, get less sleep and run on overdrive to meet the demands on our time. Adrenal Fatigue often hits after a major stressful event such as a breakup, death or accident. Further stimulants such as coffee only compound the problem...

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Mood disorders

Mood disorders, such as anxiety and depression, are multifaceted conditions with many possible contributing factors. To support recovery, you need the right nutrients to balance your body and brain chemistry. Effective brain function relies on a balanced number of...

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Pyrrole Disorder

Pyrrole disorder, also known as mauve factor, kryptopyrroluria and pyrroluria and is a condition that causes low levels of zinc and B6 in your body. Associated symptoms include anxiety, poor immunity, inner tension, allergies, heavy metal toxicity, poor dream recall and more...

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"I have been suffering with gastritis, IBS and fibromyalgia for a number of years and current treatment wasn’t working. Jarrod altered my diet, gave me herbs and supplements to address my imbalances and requested I came back in 4 weeks. I followed the advice and by the time I returned I was a new person, no gastritis, no IBS, lost a few kilograms and the fibromyalgia symptoms had improved greatly "


"Jarrod quickly put me at ease, took a thorough case history and thoroughly understood the issues I came to address. He sent me for specific testing and uncovered some imbalance issues that we have begun to address. I am feeling the best I have felt in a long time since starting this protocol. I would highly recommend Jarrod as a Naturopath in Perth".


"Jarrod assisted me with my anxiety and low mood that I had been suffering with for some time.  He assessed me and gave me some diet and lifestyle recommendations along with some specific testing.  Jarrod uncovered some imbalances and after beginning to address these I feel much more calm and positive.  Feeling like I am finally moving in the right direction. Thank you."


"After years of low energy, fluctuating mood and many doctor visits I decided to visit the Naturopath Life Wellness Centre in Perth. Various testing was recommended and subsequently we began to treat my thyroid and various other imbalances. What a difference it has made in a short time!!! I am finally feeling like myself again. "



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